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Do it right the 1st time. Call the pros at Armortech. Portland Vancouvers Trusted Custom Garage Floor Contractor.

Custom garage floors by Armortech. Garage floors done right!

Isn't it about time you showed your garage floors some love?

The days of living with a dull, dingy, or downright ugly garage floor are long gone. Today, upgrading to a decorative flake garage floor is one of the most popular trends in home improvement. Why? Besides simply looking fantastic, a properly prepared and applied decorative flake garage floor creates a seamless coating that is durable and resilient to staining from accidental spills, chemicals, and surface abrasions. Today's modern polyurea and polyaspartic garage floors come in a wide variety of colors, hues, and textures can be tailored to compliment nearly any taste or design style, from a sophisticated and upscale look intended to showcase that classic automobile to the vibrant colors of your favorite sports team and everything in between.

Let’s face it, whether you are a homeowner looking to dramatically increase the livability and salability of your home, a weekend hobbyist, or a mechanic ready to improve the brightness and visual appeal of your weekend workspace a new decorative flake garage floor coating is something nearly everyone can appreciate.

Our Polyaspartic Garage Floor Systems

Our popular, polyaspartic garage floor system is specifically formulated to meet the demands of our rugged and wet, Pacific Northwest climate. This premium quality coating application delivers high durability as well as a long service life and is backed by our limited lifetime residential warranty against chipping, peeling and delamination.

Our product line has been developed in coordination with some of the US and North Americas largest polymer manufacturers. These time-tested, high-quality, professional grade products have been specially formulated with traits and characteristics most requested by both installers and property owners alike, traits and characteristics such as low to no odor, extended working times, and cold weather curing capabilities. In fact, our polyaspartic coatings can be applied and will cure at temperatures up to 90°F (32°C) and as low as -20°F (-28.9°C). Allowing us to give you the high-quality garage floor upgrade you want, regardless of the season.

Do it right the 1st time. Call the pros at Armortech. Portland Vancouvers Trusted Garage Floor Contractor.

The perfect blend of durability, longevity, and visual appeal.

Our decorative flake polyaspartic coating system offers the perfect blend of durability, longevity, visual appeal, and fast installation time. This system can be applied as a partial, full, or double broadcast system and typically takes only one to two days to install. It can be walked on in as little as 4 hours after completion and can handle vehicles driving and parking on it in as little as 24 hours.

Just imagine the possibilities of creating a new usable space in your home for a work shop, fitness area, man cave, or even an entertainment space that looks great and lasts a lifetime. A full broadcast decorative flake polyaspartic coating system installed by Armortech is guaranteed to bring new life to just about any indoor or outdoor space that might be in need of a makeover or is currently being underutilized.

Whether you desire a glossy, smooth surface for aesthetics or prefer a textured surface for added safety and slip-resistance, we guarantee the finished surface will be even, uniform, and that the finished product meets your exact specifications.


  • One day installation
  • Extreme durability
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Excellent wear characteristics
  • Will not become brittle
  • Slip-resistant surface
  • Excellent adhesion to concrete
  • Does not allow bacteria to grow
  • Chemical resistant, such as motor
    oil and gases, can be wiped clean
  • Wide array colors choices
  • 100% lifetime UV protection
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Chemical and stain resistant
  • Anti-microbial & Anti-bacterial
  • Can be walked on in as little as 4 hours
  • Drive & park on in as little as 24 hours
  • 10x more flexible and 5x stronger than epoxy
  • Backed by our limited lifetime warranty
    against chipping, peeling and delamination

We have developed our garage floor coating process through years of experience and guarantee to only use high quality professional grade materials & components that have years of proven reliability in a multitude of residential, commercial, and industrial flooring applications.

Seamless Epoxy Flooring Contractor Portland Vancouver

Polyaspartics vs. Polyurea vs. Epoxy: What is the difference, and which is better?

Today, there are many different types of garage floor coatings available, from traditional garage floor paints and two-part epoxies to more advanced materials, like polyurea and polyaspartic floor coatings.

A question we hear often is, “Which is a better garage floor coating: epoxy, polyurea, or polyaspartic?

Here at Armortech, we believe each of these products have their proper application and best use scenerio. The same can be said for the debate about polyurea and polyaspartic coatings. For example, while we regularly use polyurea base coats for our exterior walkway and patio applications, because of their fast cure times. (On some high traffic projects, a fast set time can help mitigate damage that might occur if anyone were to walk on it prematurely). That, however, does not mean it is the best coating for every floor, situation, or site. With that said, here at Amortech we have chosen an all polyaspartic system, using a premium aliphatic polyaspartic as our preferred garage floor coating material, and here is why. 

First, polyaspartics are 100% UV stable, extremely durable, suitable for both interior and exterior applications, and are resistant to staining, scratching, and many common chemicals found in and around the garage, such as gasoline, motor oil, diesel, and many household acids. In addition, our polyaspartic coatings have virtually no odor, are nearly five times stronger and are more flexible than epoxy, and polyaspartics have almost twice the adhesion strength of most polyureas. Our polyaspartics also have an extended working time over traditional polyureas, while still curing to the touch in only 2 hours. The fact is that polyaspartics are an improved version of polyurea chemistry. 

While many garage floor installation companies tout the benefits of polyureas as a basecoat for garage floors. The truth is the main benefit of using a polyurea as a base coat for a garage coating system is a shortened curing time (about 1 hour). While this may be an advantage from the installer’s perspective. The fact is that these compounds begin to gel in only a matter minutes, greatly reducing the amount of time most polyurea coatings have to soak into and bond with the concrete substrate. 

On the other hand, because polyaspartic coatings are engineered to have an extended working time, as well as a low viscosity, polyaspartics penetrate more deeply into the concrete substrate. This prolonged working time and low viscosity allows for a more thorough “wetting out” of the substrate and results in superior bonding and adhesion of the basecoat to the concrete. Top that with a full broadcast of decorative flake chips and a clear polyaspartic topcoat and you have a superior concrete coating that not only looks and feels great but one that is backed by our limited lifetime residential warranty against chipping, peeling, and delamination. You will have peace of mind knowing that your Armortech installed garage floor will be just as beautiful years from now, as it is the day it is installed.

Save $150  on an epoxy floor installation includes flake, quartz and reflector flooring

More benefits of installing a decorative flake polyaspartic garage floor system, today.

  • Creates a "new room" you actually want to spend time in.
  • Increases your property value.
  • Provides a safe area for children and pets to play during inclement weather.
  • Adds to the usable square footage of your home and work space.
  • Brightens up an otherwise dull and visually unappealing area.
  • Increased safety with slip resistant finishes.
  • Helps to make your garage much easier to keep clean.

At Armortech, we guarantee to create a garage floor that will serve your unique needs. Whether that be a glass-like finish for that "pop" and visual appeal, or a slip-resistant surface for added safety, we will complete your project to our exacting standards.

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View the many decorative flake colors, blends, and sizes available in our online
Color Flake Catalog, click here.

Here at Armortech, we provide a broad selection of custom solutions to make your home or business more valuable and more beautiful all while delivering you the highest quality craftsmanship and products on the market today. Please take a little time to look through our site and feel free to contact us if you have any questions or would like to schedule a free on-site consultation.

We look forward for the opportunity to earn your business.

Give us a call at 1-866-308-2400, and let's talk about the scope of your project.

Epoxy Garage Floor Contractor Portland Vancouver

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About Armortech


Surface restoration and refinishing is not just what we do, it is our passion and our craft. And, it is our dedication to our craft that allows us to approach each project with enthusiasm and a desire to provide the highest level of craftsmanship each and every time.

Prior to establishing Armortech Resurfacing, the two founders honed their craft, and accumulated decades of experience working for others in the construction industry, including one of the top land-based flooring contractors in the country. Over those years, they not only mastered the multitude of techniques and procedures required to expertly apply a variety of epoxy products to many very different surfaces. They also gained the project management skills needed to successfully run multiple teams of skilled tradesmen and laborers for an interior design firm servicing some of the biggest names in the cruise line industry, in drydocks from Europe to the Bahamas.

After reaching the proverbial glass ceiling, they decided to break out on their own and formed Armortech Resurfacing, Inc. with the vision of bringing their decades of expertise working with specialty coatings and seamless epoxy flooring to their community, friends, and neighbors.

We look forward to the opportunity to earn your business and are confident our meticulous attention to detail, dedication to quality craftsmanship, and service will make us your first choice when considering a specialty coatings contractor.

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